The workout that keeps on working!

If you’re looking to build your fitness levels fast, to get back on track after the Christmas break, why not give MetafitTM a try?

This high-intensity workout will push you to your limits and beyond. And after an introductory session in December, it’s now an integral part of the regular Saturday morning bootcamp at Suggy’s Gym

It’s under 30 minutes long but you’ll be working hard the whole time, combining bodyweight exercises with interval-style training to make sure you’re burning maximum calories. And even better, the benefits don’t stop when you leave the gym!

Because thanks to EPOC – that’s excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – your body goes into calorie-burning overdrive as it tries to return to normal after working at high intensity and continues to burn fat long after you’ve finished the session…

Suitable for everyone, whatever your current fitness level, the workouts are led by Metafit coach Robson Worthington who, with the support of our own trainers, will be on hand to take you through your paces and modify some of the tougher exercises to suit your abilities if necessary.

Bootcamp with Metafit runs from 9am to 10am every Saturday morning and sessions are just £5 each. And now, in response to popular demand, we’ve added a Metafit lunchtime workout too, on Fridays from 12 noon to 12.30pm

For more details, contact Irvine Taylor on 07415 313749 and get ready to jump start January by making Metafit part of your Suggy’s Gym training programme!