In the gym

First class fighters need first class facilities which is exactly what you’ll find here.

Pride of place in the 4,000 sq ft Main Gym goes to a full size boxing ring. The fully matted and mirrored studio also features a cage wall and every conceivable shape of bag and punching station, including speed balls.

For the MMA guys, there are grappling dummies and crash mats in the Main Gym, as well as an additional caged area in the Strength & Conditioning Studio where there’s an extensive range of equipment on offer.

Alongside the Olympic weightlifting area with its power rack, bench and bumper plates, there are competition kettlebells from 8kg to 30kg, a selection of battle ropes, Bulgarian bags and medicine and slam balls of all sizes. The Strength & Conditioning Studio is also home to monkey bars, resistance bands, hurdles, TRX suspension training equipment and a Life Fitness treadmill .

Latest additions to the equipment in here include various sizes of tornado balls and a prowler which is ready and waiting for use…

And if all that wasn’t enough, both professionals and amateurs alike have access to the newly-installed Versaclimber and to a hypoxic machine which changes the altitude at which they train, giving them the benefits of increased stamina, performance and recovery.

As Dean says, nothing’s left to chance at NMA when it comes to providing the best tools to achieve the best results!