Jonathan Fairhurst

jonathan fairhurst - testimonial picsI met Dean Sugden in July 2015 while on a short break in Spain. At the time I was 45 years old with a 44-inch waist, weighing over 20 stone and wearing XXXL in most brands of clothes.

Over the years, I’d tried to control my weight by joining different gyms but this didn’t work for me – I had a short term gain, then got bored with the routine and the weight came back. I had never been into sport or fitness.

During the break, I chatted to Dean and told him I wanted to lose the stomach, get fitter and have some definition in my shoulders and arms and asked him what I needed to do to achieve this. His initial advice was to commit to a 12-week programme with him and his team at Suggy’s Gym.

In early August 2015 I went for a consultation where Dean took photographs and measurements and I performed basic exercises to set a benchmark. I then committed to two personal training sessions with Dean, on Mondays and Wednesdays, and started attending the boot camp sessions at the gym on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I was extremely pleased with the results after the initial 12-week period and have continued with the same sessions.

Sessions at Suggy’s are really enjoyable and they work. Dean showed me the correct techniques and how to use each piece of equipment and provided me with dietary advice. He pushes and encourages me during the personal training sessions and I have seen significant improvements in the 10 months I have now been attending the gym. We always have a laugh and I finish every session feeling completely exhausted, steaming and dripping with sweat.

The boot camps are instructed by Dean Sugden, Irvine Taylor, Ollie Dyson, Chad Sugden, Regis Sugden, Bailey Sugden and Fergus Taylor and offer a wide variety of different exercises. We start with a 10-minute whole group warm up and then split into three groups, each of which has approximately 15 minutes with a different instructor performing different exercises. The session finishes with a whole group cool down.

I did struggle during the first few months and felt uncomfortable but it has paid off now. I moved to group 3 (the advanced group) about two months ago – not sure I’m really group 3 material yet but I decided I needed to push myself. This method is working for me, it makes me want to work as hard as I can.

The instructors are really good and knowledgeable, helping you if you are struggling but equally hard on you by making you push yourself to get those last few exercises done to achieve the results.

My son Josh Fairhurst also started a programme with Dean shortly after I did and he has seen fantastic results (his aim was to build muscle mass and improve fitness). We both attend the boot camps together but have separate personal training sessions with Dean.

It is now June 2016, I’ve had a buy a whole new wardrobe, my waist has gone from 44 inches to 36 inches, my weight has dropped from 20 stone to 16 stone 10 pounds and my shirt size has dropped from XXXL to XL. Suggy’s has become part of my daily and weekly routine – I’ve made lots of new friends who have made me feel very welcome and given me encouragement, which means you can still have a laugh during the boot camp sessions.

I wish I had started this 20 years ago but at 45 years old it wasn’t too late. I feel so much more comfortable with my body and much fitter than I was 10 months ago. I can even run a mile back to the car after a football match now, which I couldn’t do back in August last year!

My next goal is to break the 100kg barrier, which won’t be too long now. If you want to transform your body and change your life, go and see Dean Sugden and his team at Suggy’s Gym.

June 2016