Olly Dyson

olly pics august 2014In 2013 I was preparing for pre-season with a football team in the USA.

Playing with friends one evening I felt some pain in my neck and had to stop. I had felt similar pain before but by the morning I was unable to move my head, right shoulder and arm. It was the worst pain I’d ever had.

Scans showed that I had compressed vertebrae in my neck, 2 degenerated discs and a herniated disc that was pressing a nerve root to the upper right side of my body. My muscles were in spasm and I also had some trouble with my vision.

I moved back home for more treatment. After seven months of being unable to exercise and too much ice cream to try and cheer myself up, I found myself in the worst shape of my life. To put it bluntly I was weak and fat.

Fitness has always been important to me and seeing myself in such a mess was depressing. I contacted Irvine Taylor at NMA and we spoke about my goals and what could be achieved without putting myself at risk of another injury. Although looking better was a big motivation, regaining a full range of movement and correcting imbalances caused by my injury were even more important.

The knowledge of the staff at NMA from a functional fitness perspective was second to none. The first three weeks of this programme were focused on stretching and re-mobilising my upper body. With a better posture, reduced tension in my joints and muscles we gradually introduced more exercises.

NMA isn’t just for fighters and, even though my background is in a different sport, the staff have always made me feel more than welcome. The plan that Irvine created for me was fun, challenging and safe. Some of the techniques we used in my programme are used by world class champion fighters at the gym, so I always feel confident in their effectiveness and the results speak for themselves.

As well as expert guidance in the gym, Irvine also provided a diet plan that was easy to follow and played a big part in getting me back in shape. Recently I returned to playing football, something that seemed like such impossibility just a few months ago.

I still have a long way to go and many more challenges to face but I’m really happy with the progress I made in just 12 weeks thanks to Irvine and NMA Fitness Centre.

May 2014